"Taming POV-Ray" by Greco Moran

A fellow retro artist and POV-Ray enthusiast, Greco's tutorial series is a great way to get your feet wet with old school ray tracing, no RTX required!

"The Largest 88x31 Collection" by capstasher

A big claim to make but with over 6000 images it's not hard to believe, a great place to find old buttons and reminisce.

"The Render Junkie" by Jason Scott

Jason Scott (aka SketchCow) of The Internet Archive and recounts his experience (and obsession) with POV-Ray in the '90s, also check out his podcast that goes into further detail.

"Episode 24: POV-Ray" by FLOSS Weekly

A 2008 podcast episode featuring David Kirk Buck (the creator of DKBTrace, which later became POV-Ray) as a special guest, recorded during the 3.7 beta period there's lots of interesting trivia for POV-Ray fans!

"Rune's Blob Tutorial" by Rune Skovbo Johansen

A very useful guide for understanding blobs in POV-Ray, Rune was also the lead programmer of FLIPSIDE, an award winning 2D platformer mod for Half-Life 2.